God Arises

Psalm 68

The psalm begins with the marching cry of Moses from Numbers 10:35. Military images abound, reminding us of the adage: “Is God on our side?” I prefer this alternative: “Am I on God’s side?”

For God sides with the rejected and forgotten expressed in the psalm by the fatherless and the widow. If you have compassion for these and others in our society, then the grace of the Lord will flow through you in a powerful way.

Paul quotes today’s verse in Ephesians 4:8 in the description of the Ascension of Jesus into heaven; you might turn to that chapter of Ephesians as a counterpoint to the psalm for today.

God is beyond us, yet within us, through the Holy Spirit whom we celebrate Sunday in Pentecost.

Nick reads the one-minute Firestarter.

The Reading for Today

This is the Seventh Week in Easter, Year B
Wednesdays re dedicated to the Psalms,
One a week over the three-year cycle.

Daily Bible Breaths

This week: version for Children and Families

One thought on “God Arises

  1. Oh yes, God sides with the rejected and forgotten. Father of orphans, defender of widows, companion of the lonely, releaser of prisoners, provider to the poor, feaster with tax collectors. God is pure love, lover of those the world sees as unloveable. Don’t you know there is no such thing as someone who is unloveable?

    Oh but don’t become complacent and turn your back on God, become an enemy to his people. God is a God of justice and consequences come to those who fight against him. Destruction will come to the enemies of God.

    Who are you? Do you love the Lord? Do you praise his holy name and celebrate his majesty? Do you minister to his people? Have you experienced the peace and joy that comes with being a channel for his grace? Or do you fight him?

    19 Bless the Lord!
    The God of our salvation
    supports us day after day!

    It is never too late, no matter who you are or how you have behaved toward the Lord. Praise the Lord!


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