The Still, Small Voice

The Reading for Today: 1 Kings 19—20

Action ceases; the roller coaster stops. For Elijah, a time of quiet has come, setting for the strong experience of the presence of the Lord in the “still, small voice.” Sweetly and intimately, God communicates with the prophet. Then Elijah has a close companion who is anointed with prophecy as he—Elisha.

Action picks up again in the arrogance of a pagan king, Ben-Hadad, and the punishment of Ahab for letting Ben-Hadad get away. May you feel the disgust in your heart as you read about Ahab and Jezebel’s contempt for God’s ways. Let the Spirit stir you strongly to follow the Lord. Separate yourself from those people, places, and things that tempt you to put yourself in the center again.

The Reading for Today

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This is the twelfth of thirteen weeks in the season of Pentecost, Year B
Tuesdays in this season are dedicated to 1 Kings.

2 thoughts on “The Still, Small Voice

  1. A sound, thin, quiet in the silence, God’s voice. Have you heard it? I have. It’s amazing. Sometimes that quiet, even silent, voice of God is so insistent that it is as if He is yelling in my ear yet somehow the silence is there. Only God can yell in silence, only God can give you the choice to hear his voice or not. All other voices are present, audible if you are a hearing person, whether or not you choose to listen to what they say. In love the voice of God caresses with power. The wonder is that when you add your voice to his, even in silence, he chooses to hear you every time, in every way.

    Elisha, he only appears in five verses yet his role is powerful. He is to succeed Elijah and to be the final defense of Israel. Incredible. Elijah found him plowing the fields, one of twelve men working the plows. It must have been a very, very large field. He was annointed and while he asked a chance to bid his parents good bye he was not slow or indecisive in the decision to serve Elijah. He asked no questions, possibly because he already knew that serving the prophet, serving God, required nothing less than everything. He was being asked to give up his world, his life, to serve and immediately said yes.

    Elisha turned to bid his family farewell, yet he did so much more. He slaughtered the oxen and burned the plow. Wow! Do you understand what this means? He took things most cherished and important to a family, items that are used to provide a living over a long time, and destroyed them. Were they his or his father’s? We don’t know. They very well may have been the only things he owned. His first act on being annointed was to give up all and feed others, the very thing he would be doing until his death, although much of the food he would give others over time would be God’s words. How many times has God fed us? How many times did he warn humanity and give them a chance to repent and return to him? Certainly the ministry of Elisha was just that, yet almost no one listened to him.

    Have you fed others in body or soul? Have you given your time and gifts to God? He has given life and love to us. It’s our turn to listen to the quiet, silent voice calling us by name.


  2. Yes, Joy. The secret of the prophets is their laser beam focus on what God wants. Their attention filtered out other voices, so that they could hear the still, small voice within.


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