Prayer and Fasting

The Reading for Today: Mark 9:14-32

The question is not: “Does God wish to heal?” but rather, “Is discouragement, anger, or lack of faith getting in the way of the healing and salvation God wants for others and for me?” May any stoniness of heart in us become flesh alive with God’s desire for healing and wholeness for every person.

Seek settings of faith. The gathering of a small community of those who believe and intercede becomes the vehicle for the Lord’s saving acts to flow. Fasting means that the only input is the Word of the Lord, God’s grace, and the power of divine healing; the only output is prayer. Prayer and fasting prepare the heart to receive God’s grace coming as a laser with God’s healing response.

The Reading for Today

Daily Bible Breaths

Version for Children and Families

This is the twelfth of thirteen weeks in the season of Pentecost, Year B.
Fridays from now until Advent are dedicated to the Gospel of Mark.

2 thoughts on “Prayer and Fasting

  1. I’ve been wrestling with God over issues…where He has and hasn’t been…why He chose to allow things to happen the way they did dispite His being called a protector, rescuer, etc. I’m angry that He allowed so much to be taken from me and the effects its had throughout my life. I’m so tired…and trusting Him is so hard….thank you for showing me that I may be the biggest hinderance to the healing I so desperately seek!


  2. Thank you for sharing how you are moving toward peace and gratitude.

    I find that the phrase, “Getting out of my own way,” is a help. Watching thoughts and feelings, as though seeing them on a video, can help to experience the inner self which is already in union with God. No longer is the tail wagging the dog!

    Thank you again for sharing. I will always welcome your comments.


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