A Song of Peace

Friday, December 21, 2012

Luke 1:57-80

John the Baptist is born from the silent womb of Elizabeth; the silent tongue of Zechariah gives birth to a song. He breaks out in a poetic expression that for centuries would become the hymn to close Morning Prayer in the church. Notice how the words link Jewish longing for salvation, and fulfillment in the coming Lord.

Sense the contrast between darkness and light, between silence and word. Close your eyes in silent waiting as a preparation to allow the Holy Spirit, released from the heart of Zechariah, to well up from you, as you become one with this prayer of the ages.

The hymn closes with the first of fourteen references to peace in the Gospel of Luke. Let peace be in your breathing and your speaking this day. Who is going to receive the comforts of this hymn from you?

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This is the Third Week in Advent, Year C.
See “Solar and Sacred Seasons” in the menu above.
Fridays in Year C are dedicated to the Gospel of St. Luke.

One thought on “A Song of Peace

  1. The ultimate purpose of God’s salvation presupposes deliverance from the enemy but is in fact undisturbed worship.

    Eduard Schwiezer, The Good News According to Luke, trans. David E. Green, as cited in J. Clinton McCann, Jr. “The Gospel of Luke,” vol. IX of The New Interpreter’s Bible (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1996), 59

    The ultimate deliverance is from the Enemy—the demonic forces of darkness that lurk within whose design is to take away peace. Uninterrupted inner worship, St Paul’s “Praying always,” is the purest kind of peace for it bears the awareness of Emmanuel, “God with us.” (See 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)


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