A Quiet Spirit

Thursday, January 3, 2013

1 Peter 3:1-12

Hesuchia is a lovely Greek word used only eleven times in the New Testament, here translated as “quiet spirit.” Literally, it means, “holding one’s seat.” Instead of being shaken from physical or inner space by the demands and expectations of others, remain in quietness until the Lord lets you know how and when and where to respond. Hesuchia suggests going beyond the reactions to which we often yield, to the place where true spontaneity is born.

In terms of family relations, hesuchia is the eye of the hurricane, The silence of a faithful wife has power in winning over a husband without a word.

The entire passage breathes tranquility, yet energy, as well. Submission does not mean being degraded or disrespected. Neither does it mean being defensive about oneself in a prideful way. Wait. Yield. Be quiet. Soak your soul in the passage.

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This is Christmas Week, Year C.
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