A Joyful Noise

Hourly Chime Ultimate
I love this app for my phone as a way of bringing gratitude
for the gift of life as the hours flow along.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Psalm 100

Halal is the word for “praise” in Hebrew. Hallelujah means “Praise Yah,” the shortened name for Yahweh, the Covenant name for God.

Take the incentive this psalm gives to see the entire day as being in the Lord’s presence—the essence of the joy in this psalm. The hours of the day are as so many “courts” in the house of the Lord, places in time where you can encounter God. As you enter the doorway of each hour, let praise and thanks ring out along with the countless number of clocks chiming or watches beeping all across the land.

The Lord loves you very much, longs for closeness with you, and desires that you place all your cares on God. Allow whatever activity you are doing be done as a response in service to the Lord whom you love

The Reading for Today

Daily Bible Breaths

Version for Children and Families

This is Epiphany Week, Year C.
See “Solar and Sacred Seasons” in the menu above.
Wednesdays are dedicated the Psalms.

How does the Word touch you?

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