Blessing Embedded in Pain

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Exodus 8:16—9:35

God addresses Pharaoh through the mouth of Moses. However great is the hardness of Pharaoh’s heart, even stronger are the consequences of his stubbornness. Plague upon plague comes against Pharaoh and the Egyptians—five of them in this year’s reading.

The Bible’s way of stating that God is in command at every moment is to have God be the one who sends the plagues. Actually, when we do anything outside of the Lord’s will, the results may be something like the plagues. Because of Jesus, we know that God is not out to punish, but to save. The Lord is actively present in the afflictions and hardships of life, manifesting divine power to deliver us precisely through the pain that urges us to drop to our knees, not in defeat, but in worship. Pray until you find the blessing embedded in the pain.

The Torah Reading for Today

Daily Bible Breaths

Version for Children and Families

Saturdays are dedicated to the Sabbath Torah portions
read in synagogues throughout the world.
This plan follows those traditions that take a third of the portion
over a three year cycle, this year, the second part.
For more about the Torah portions and thoughtful commentaries, visit
The Jewish Theological Seminary.

The Firestarters and readings are posted in the timezone UTC+12, so that they are available in New Zealand and other regions near the International Date Line.

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