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Quilt Gallery

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Esther 5—6

Esther receives the scepter—symbol of kingly power. The favor of the king is but a sign of the favor Esther finds before God who quietly weaves a plan of salvation for the people. Slowly but surely, God is turning the wheels of justice. Soon the elements of the conspiracy against Mordecai and God’s people will be turned upon the evil Haman. Jealousy, pride, and Godlessness fill the hearts of the enemy. The quiet fidelity of those who are enacting the plan of God is in sharp contrast.</p

Are you content to be in the background, faithfully responding to the Lord in the little details of life? Be confident that God can do great things with you, as long as today’s part of the plan is completed. Your life is a quilt—each day’s grace-lived square added to all your yesterdays makes a perfect work of art for the Lord.

The Reading for Today

Daily Bible Breaths

Version for Children and Families

This is the Third Week in Epiphany, Year C.
See “Solar and Sacred Seasons” in the menu above.
Tuesdays in this season are dedicated the Hebrew “Writings.” In Advent of Year C we read the book of Ruth.

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