Changes from Within

Sunday, March 3, 2012

Luke 13:1-9

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The face of Jesus is bold before his enemies. There is no fear in him as he confronts pride and deceit with absolute truth. Herod Antipas wants to kill Jesus, just as did his wicked father, Herod the Great, when Jesus was an infant.

Jerusalem has become the hub of all the hostility that will mount against Jesus and put him to death. Jesus longs to go there. Follow him to Jerusalem with the kind of victory songs from the Psalms that fill our Wednesdays in Lent.

Meditate with a wide, expansive heart upon verses 34 and 35. Get in touch with where there is sadness in your own life, facing what makes you sad, with the love that Jesus has for Jerusalem. Be one with your Lord. Pray that his profound inner emotions transform yours and make them as his.

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