Sacrament of the Lord’s Presence

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Exodus 36:20—38:20

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Forty days and forty nights, Moses fasts upon the mountain, filled with the presence of the Lord. Jesus, who is the presence of God, does the same at the beginning of his ministry. May the time of Lent find you in God’s presence, your awareness of it increased by fasting and faith.

Be with Moses in his communion with the Lord, the renewal of the covenant and the promises that God makes. Moses longs to see the glory of the Lord. Moses rests in the cleft of the rock, covered by God’s hand as God passes by. The rock now is Christ—the cleft, the open side of Jesus on the cross. The glory of God is Jesus’ compassion and forgiveness from that cross. The people see the presence of God in the face of Moses. The glory of God will radiate from your face if you spend time in the cleft in Jesus’ side.

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