Coming Home

Sunday, March 10, 2012

Luke 15:1-3;11-32

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The center of Lent finds us contemplating perhaps the most beloved of Jesus’ Parables: “The Prodigal Son.” Reflect upon the challenge that the father has with his two sons. The brothers have likely been at odds with each other from early on. The older, a “holier-than-thou” type—the younger, “spoiled rotten.” Into this setting comes a father at once delirious with joy that his beloved son has returned, yet shocked into sadness when he learns how “far away” the older son has been all along.

Stop when you find your spirit moved in positive or negative ways. These are moments of grace. Identify with the persons in the story. The parable will touch your heart as you come home to your Father who loves you. Look around and discover in faith, the welcome-home party that God is throwing for you.

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This is the Fourth Week in Lent, Year C.
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Sundays are dedicated to the Gospels from
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Year C is dedicated to the Gospel of Luke, with focus on the Gospel of John in the later weeks of Lent and during the Easter Season.