A Love That Serves

Unknown Artist

Friday, March 15, 2013

John 13:1-17

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Jesus stands before his destiny. The hour has come. Judas is bound; Jesus is free. Total love takes over, as when Mary of Bethany pours out the oil of her gladness and love upon the feet of Jesus. Now it is Jesus who anoints the feet of the disciples with the waters of cleansing, regeneration, and service. A complete reversal is here: the kingly one becomes the absolute servant.

Meditate upon the persons, the words, and the actions in this passage. Join the disciples. Let Jesus wash your feet. Ask the Holy Spirit to anoint your imagination with holy faith and profound sentiments of love for your Master and Lord.

Are there reversals of attitudes such as those of Peter that need to take place in your life? There is nothing like Jesus’ servant love for you to make this happen.

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