Sin Burned Away by Love

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Leviticus 4:27—5:19

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We long to be reconciled to God. The sacrifice and burning of various animals corresponds to various kinds of sin; this is the Bible’s way of calling the people to repent from sin without further consequences. They were the acts of contrition whereby one could turn from sin and live again in communion with God and God’s people. Fire made the burnt offering become a sweet smelling smoke ascending into the air, blending with the presence of God all about.

Face your sin. Confess it. In so doing, you celebrate the gratuitous fact that God has already forgiven you in Jesus. When you repent, the Lord burns your sins away with his love, for he has gathered all sin into himself. The blood of Christ shed for you, turns sorrow for sin into a sweet smelling smoke rising from the cross.

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