The New Commandment

Friday, March 22, 2013

John 13:18-38

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In the center of the passage is the tiny sentence: “And it was night” (v. 30). Into this darkness, Judas escapes to complete the final details of the betrayal. Within the upper room, however, Jesus announces the triumph of the glory of God. The Light of the world shines as never before, illumining us with a new commandment, bathing all former ones with the extravagant light of God’s love.

The passage closes with the arrogant protestations of Peter, that he will always be faithful. The night of his sin is here, but soon will come the daybreak of repentance and forgiveness. Yet for Judas, it was into a perpetual night that he walked.

The contrasts need to move you, until all that is dark in you vanishes before the saving light of Jesus and the New Commandment.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Receive You, receiving God v. 20
Now the Son is glorified. v. 31
New commandment: loving all v. 34
Laying down my life for You v. 37

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