Empty Womb—Empty Tomb

Easter Sunday, March 31, 2012

Luke 24:1-12

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Sacred, silent space envelopes the world the day after Jesus’ death. It is the Sabbath, fragrant as no other. The holy women are resting, grieving, and breathing the sweet smell of the spices and fragrant oils they have prepared to give closure to the death of their beloved Master.

Yet openness, not closure, is what they find early the next morning. The tomb is open. They are startled, worried, filled with wonder at the words of the angels.

Where is Mary, mother of Jesus? The tomb is empty, for surely Jesus is filling her with his presence. She, whose empty womb was blessed with the fruit of the Word made flesh, is surely the first to know the fruit of the empty tomb. Ponder all these things in your heart, as Mary so often did.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths

Taking spices to the tomb v. 1
Finding the stone rolled away v. 2
He is not here, but risen. v. 5
Peter running to the tomb v. 12

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