Jesus, Paul and You

Thursday, April 11, 2012

Acts 20

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As it was in Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit is at work in the early church. Watch for similar expressions; the power that Jesus had over death in the Gospels is the same power at work in Paul. Paul responds to the opposition to him in words similar to those of Jesus. Both preached in public. This new life is not a secret teaching to an elite group, designed to overthrow the government. For Jesus, nothing but the will of the Father was important; for Paul nothing but the task that the Lord Jesus had given him had any value.

The Lord has no favorites. The same power at work in Paul is available for you. What yet remains of what you need to surrender?

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Serving with humility v. 19
No value in life but You v. 24
Watching o’er the flock of God v. 28
God’s message for building up v. 32

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This is the Second Week in Easter, Year C.
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