Ready to Suffer All

Thursday, April 18, 2012

Acts 21

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St. Luke himself is in the picture; notice the use of the first person plural pronoun, continuing what began in 20.7. Luke weaves the places sited as so many stitches in the tapestry of the church expanding in the Mediterranean area.

You will see similarities in the trials and suffering of Paul and those of Jesus. Paul’s hour has not yet come. The affirmation to die for his Lord sounds similar to that of Peter’s at the Last Supper; however, Paul is totally grounded in the Lord; that would come for Peter only after the terrible anguish of denying his Master.

Cling to the faith and abandon of Paul in this chapter until your surrender to Jesus is as strong as Paul’s. The Holy Spirit is poised to give you this grace. Ask in faith and you will receive.

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Bible Breaths
With Luke and Paul on the beach v. 5
Ready to die for Jesus v. 13
Praising God for what God does v. 19
Paul arrested as Jesus v. 27ff

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