Irradiating Love

Sunday, May 5, 2012

John 14:23-29

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Taste every word and phrase in profound meditation. God promises to release divine holiness and love into the human community. Yet the coming of the Holy Spirit is not enough; there must be a YES from deep within, as when Mary opened herself when the Word became flesh.

The Word becomes flesh in you by the Holy Spirit, the person of God that longs to dwell inside you. The Holy Spirit will enable you to do what the world cannot do—love in an absolute and unconditional way. Then comes a peace, which the world cannot give, for it is not the world’s to give.

Ready your heart to receive the Holy Spirit. It is the very love of God irradiating through you.

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Bible Breaths
I love You and keep Your word. v. 23
The Father and You in me v. 23
Holy Spirit reminding v. 26
“Peace I leave; my peace I give.” v. 27

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This is the Sixth Week in Easter, Year C.
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