The Divine Supervisor

Wednesday, May 8 2012

Psalm 119:121-144

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The Hebrew word for “precepts” is piqud, occurring twenty-four times in the Bible. All the references are in the Psalms, with all but three of them occurring in Psalm 119. The meaning of the root of the word is “to oversee.” Precepts are the conditions of the job description that a supervisor develops for employees. They are specific. Yet much different from what often happens between bosses and workers, there is here a sense of affection and comfort the psalmist finds in his God, along with a joyful experience of protection that one rarely finds in the business world.

Are there some specific precepts that God is enjoining upon you for your spiritual growth in the Lord? Scan your life. What does your divine supervisor have to say?

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Bible Breaths
Watching for Your salvation .v. 123
Your precepts direct my steps. v. 128
Unfolding Your words gives light. v. 130
Your face shining upon me v. 135

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