The Place of Inner Truth

Statue outside of The Church of Peter’s Privacy in the Holy Lands.

Friday, May 10, 2013

John 21:15-19

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When someone greets us with, “How are you,” the usual response is, “Fine, thank you”—whether we are fine or not. Only with those we trust do we share how it really is with us. To reach that place, the question, “How are you” may need to be asked a few times, as so many steps that descend to the place of inner truth.

So it is with Peter. Each time that Jesus asks him if he loves Jesus, Peter moves beneath the levels of his reactive nature, to the place of beauty and total love that he has for his Lord. Jesus knows that Peter loves him; yet Peter’s sadness and shame eclipse his soul. The triple question of Jesus helps Peter pass below the upper spaces of anger and violence in the garden of arrest, beneath the fear in the courtyard of denial, to the place where Peter loves, by the lakeside in the morning with Jesus.

Only in accepting and returning Jesus’ love will you be able to nourish his lambs.

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Bible Breaths
Yes, Lord: you know I love you. v. 15
You know all things: I love you v. 17
Feeding the sheep of the Lord v. 17
Following You, Lord Jesus v. 19
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