God Is Helper

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Numbers 3:14—4:20

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Words such as "order, holiness," and "sacred tasks" come to mind as we move through the lists of names and the duties assigned to each of the priestly families, the Levites and the Kohathites. Every action and object is meant to evoke a sense of God’s presence. Once again the use of colors evokes spiritual feelings.

There is beauty in the sacred task appointed to Eleazar, whose name means, "God is Helper." He tends to the light and takes care that incense and anointing oil are in readiness. He is given the overall responsibility of the sanctuary.

Reflect upon your occupation in life as a call to bring the light of the Lord, the sweet aroma of God’s presence, and the oil of healing to those with whom you come in contact. You are the sanctuary of the Lord. How you do what you do, either draws others to the Lord or tends to push them away.

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Bible Breaths
Placing order in my life
All I do as sacred tasks
My life as sanctuary 4:15
Eleazar: “God my help” 4:16

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This is the Fifth Week in Easter, Year C.
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Scripture Recordings in over 700 languages!
Faith Comes By Hearing

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