Advent Revisited

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Sunday, May 12, 2012

Luke 24:44-53

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Luke’s Gospel ends where it began—in the Temple. Sense the contrasts between these two moments. The longing for the Messiah in the beginning with aged Zechariah in the Holy of Holies, is balanced with the new community joyfully filling the Temple with the sounds of expectant praise. A new level of God’s coming is about to take place with the Holy Spirit. Spend these days in the temple of your heart, gathering in prayer with faithful believers. It is Advent revisited.

Where were you spiritually six months ago when the first Advent candle began to illumine your darkness? Cast your memory over that period, giving thanks to the Lord for the opportunities to grow that you received. Repent for time wasted. Wait again with even more expectancy, for the Holy Spirit is coming!

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Bible Breaths
Understanding the Scriptures v. 45
Repentance and forgiveness v. 47
Staying till clothed with power v. 49
In the Temple blessing God v. 53

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This is the Seventh and Last Week in Easter, Year C.
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Year C is dedicated to the Gospel of Luke, with focus on the Gospel of John in the later weeks of Lent and during the Easter Season.

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