Joy: God’s Work Is Done

Tuesday, May 14, 2012

Nehemiah 11—13

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Look upon the lists of chapter 11 and up to 12:26 as you would an Honor Roll at a city square. From 12:27, take an air balloon’s view of the double choir, one processing counterclockwise, the other clockwise, merging at the Temple square. Both in Ezekiel’s temple in our Monday readings, and in this passage, music and singing set fire to worship.

After you read the outrage of Nehemiah from 13:4, reflect upon any ungodly types seeking to set themselves up in the temple of your heart. Throw them out by the grace of God—memories of abuse, negative parental figures …old baggage we tend to carry with us.

After addressing the problem of Sabbath defilement and intermarriage with unbelievers, Nehemiah completes his reforms, resting with this prayer: Remember me, O My God, for good!


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Bible Breaths
Joyful singing; finding God 12:27ff
You, Lord, making me rejoice 12:43
Letting go of old baggage 13:7ff
Remember me, God, for good! 13:31

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