In Touch with God

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Numbers 7:1-89

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Go beyond the details of the offerings and the repetitions of the objects offered, to the overall feeling of the passage. These are as the memorials offered when churches are built. The names of the families give a sense that they are part of the sacred building that is now complete and ready for worship.

The first and final verses of this chapter frame the content. Moses anoints the tabernacle and its furnishings, heightening the sense of the sacred. The passage closes with a description of how God communicates with the people⎯to Moses first, and through him to others. The chapter is about being in touch with God.

You have access to the presence of God through those speaking who are one with Jesus through the Holy Spirit. In Christ, you are greater than Moses!

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My heart: an altar for You v.1ff
Offering my days toYou
Building up th’ Body of Christ
Your voice speaking from within 7:89
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