The Healing Joy of the Lord

Monday, May 20, 2012

Isaiah 65:17-25

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Glorious images fill this week and next, springing from the joy of the Lord which God has planted in the heart of Isaiah. The power of God’s saving grace is expressed by the utter transformation of the physical world into complete reconciliation and exuberant life.

Soak in these images of life. The final times of which Isaiah speaks are with us now in the age of the resurrection of Jesus—the Church. Though tainted with sin, the Church is the expression of the visions that well up from these verses.

All that may be at odds with you and your past, to which you have yet to be reconciled, is happening in the realm of the Spirit. Pray until all aspects of your life—past, present and future—are before you here and now in the healing joy of the Lord.

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Bible Breaths

New heavens and a new earth v. 17
You delight in Your people. v. 19
No more the sound of weeping v. 19
Wolf and the lamb together v. 25

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Due to an early Easter in 2013, weeks 7 and 8 from the Epiphany Season, which were omitted, are now added to the first two weeks at the beginning of the season of Pentecost. The Monday-to-Friday readings for this week are from the Seventh Week in Epiphany, Year C.
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