Covered by the Blood

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Numbers 15:8-41

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The details of this passage converge into one great truth: God is the absolute center of life. The Lord, who cannot be seen, establishes a visible sign as a reminder of this fact in the blue tassels at the four corners of the basic garment worn by the Israelites.

Look what happens when there is what we would consider, a minor violation of the Sabbath. The grasping energy of having fuels our modern society; contrast this joy of giving in the various offerings and contributions for the worship of God.

The word for atonement in Hebrew is chaphar; you are familiar with this in Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement. The root of the word means to cover. The blood of Jesus covers your sins so that they are no longer visible. So do not keep looking at them!

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Bible Breaths
My heart: offering by fire v. 13
Pleasing odor to the Lord v. 13
Atonement and forgiveness v. 25
“From Egypt to be your God” v. 41

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This is the Fifth Week in Easter, Year C.
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Scripture Recordings in over 700 languages!
Faith Comes By Hearing

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One thought on “Covered by the Blood

  1. I watched the sun rise over the ocean in Wildwood, New Jersey. It is the annual meeting of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference. I now sit in the lobby of the hotel, focusing on the Sabbath reading. As the first Bible Breath uplifts, I desire that my heart be on fire, just as John Wesley’s, whose heart was “strangely warmed” as he was reading Luther’s commentary on the letter to the Romans.

    A blue snap bracelet reminds me of the blue tassels that Moses enjoins the people to wear. A bracelet is at the “fringe” of the arm, if you will. The color blue I find as a theme-color for Saturdays, just as I find other colors to be symbolic for the other days of the week: Sunday, Red: The Holy Spirit in this season of Pentecost; Monday, Purple: the Prophets; Tuesday, Peacock Blue: “The Writings”; Wednesday, Green: the Psalms; Thursday, Orange: the New Testament; Friday, Red: the blood of Jesus.

    Send me a message if you’d like to learn how to make these bracelets.


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