“Arc” – An Alphabyte

Nick reads the Alphabyte.

Two points inseparably distant embrace in the union of a fire leap.
Standing rigidly apart, creative kinship bonds the two,
    eternally made to face each other.
There is the Father, there is the Son and the leaping love between them:
    the Holy Spirit.
There is God; there is you, and the Spirit-arc of fire across the gap.
There is the Bible soaked in sacred speaking;
    there is your ear soaked in sacred silence.
And the Word becomes flesh in yours through the leaping joy of the Holy Spirit.

Pause to poise before you listen.
Ready yourself to hear the ageless Word become the now-Word for you—
    just for you—as though yours is the only face
    that stands before the face of God.

Alphabytes are object meditations that move through the alphabet
two times in the course of the fifty-two weeks in the year. We continue the second half of the sacred year with 26 of these that will take us from “Arc” to “Zoom Lens” and then onto the First Week in Advent.

One thought on ““Arc” – An Alphabyte

  1. Your lover looks at you and sees only you.
    Who is God? Your perfect lover.
    The perfect lover of each of us,
    seen clearly in His eyes.


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