The Instant Claims of God

Tuesday, June 4, 2012

Proverbs 27

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Hold each proverb in the palm of your hand, contemplating every one as you would a precious jewel. Feel the texture, admire the colors, and listen inwardly as each one speaks to your heart. Taste the wisdom offered to your spirit.

Verse 6 is a way of talking about “tough love.” Verse 8 relates to being at home with God and God with you . . . wherever you are.

There is a prayer in the 1965 Book of Worship for the Methodist Church that incorporates verse 1: “Since we know not what a day may bring forth, but only that the hour for serving thee is always present, may we wake to the instant claims of thy holy will, not waiting for tomorrow, but yielding today. Consecrate with thy presence the way our feet may go; and the humblest work will shine and the roughest places be made plain…”

Receive God into your heart, moment by moment.


The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Honor to refrain from strife v. 3
Find me worthy of trust v. 6
Lips with knowledge: precious jewel v. 15
Human spirit: lamp of God v. 27

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