A Star Shall Come.

Saturday, June 22, 2013
Numbers 24:1⎯25:9

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With each successive prophecy, the pagan Balaam becomes more sweetly open to God, simpler, more childlike as he yields to the promptings of the Spirit. He is completely caught up in the prophetic word he speaks. His yielding opens his eyes to behold the beauty of God’s people, as he sees the tents of the people of God.

In the center of his fourth and final prophecy, Balaam sees a star coming out of Jacob, lifting him to a vision realized in David, and especially in Jesus. When you turn your heart totally over to the Lord, God will show you wondrous things.
Verse 1 of chapter 25 begins the shocking story of sexual immorality with foreign women. The exalted state of a pagan yielding to the gift of prophecy, is contrasted with the sin of infidelity by God’s own people.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Heart yielding; visions coming
You bringing out of Egypt 24:8
Never turning from Your word 24:3
Star coming out of Jacob 24:17
For more about this way to pray, see “Daily Bible Breaths” in Resources.

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