“Drink” – An Alphabyte

Funds raised by the Wells Project finance the construction of wells throughout Africa.
This well was built in a Ghana village.
Photo courtesy of Living Water International

Alphabytes are object meditations
that move through the alphabet two times
in the course of the fifty-two weeks in the year.
“Drink” introduces the Fourth Week in Pentecost.
“Arc” – Jun 2 ’13 to “Zoom Lens” – Nov 24 ’13

Nick reads the Alphabyte.

It’s summer in the north and everything is drinking in liquid life all about.
Rounded glasses filled with pleasure or poison, punctuate patios of restful ease.

Your soul too—from what does it drink to quench its endless thirst?
Wells of living water lie silently beneath Bible pages.
Pick up and drink.
Sip slowly and sigh your YES to all that wants to flow into your soul
    until it—like the water-well itself—is nothing but the Lord’s liquid life.

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