The Past in the Light of the Call

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1 Chronicles 4—6

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The Books of Kings were written as prophetic calls to awaken God’s people to awareness that their exile was the result of profound moral and religious degradation. 1 and 2 Chronicles, while covering much of the same period, write this history in the light of the community of God that has already returned to freedom after the exile. The emphasis is upon worship; hence, the priestly tone of this work, as contrasted with prophecy.

In the passage for today, genealogies outline the tribes of Judah, Simeon, Reuben, Gad, Manasseh and Levi, with further information about this latter line of priests.

God wants you to see your personal history in the light of God’s present call to you. Pray for a deep awareness of this call, asking the Spirit to help you interpret your past in the light of the blessed future that God is unfolding for you.

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Bible Breaths
My life in light of Your call
My place in Your tapestry
Life in communion with saints
Songs as the ark comes to rest 6:31
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2 thoughts on “The Past in the Light of the Call

  1. Thank you so much for your message today. I was recently dismissed from seminary because God would not call someone with my past of incest and domestic violence. I was deemed too damaged to be of any good to anyone and I would probably never be fit to minister because I reached out for help after being triggered. Yes, my past is horrible, but there are others who have had much worse than I have. But I can also see where God has taken this hell and woven it into a Chaplain ministry that constantly astounds and amazes me. If I relied on myself, I probably would be of no use to anyone, but I have chosen to open myself to God, dispite the work I have to do to trust Him and say it is well that He didn’t rescue me the way I wanted Him to when I was little (my incest started at 2 and went on until I was 20), but I trusted Him to do the work He called me to do. Would I give up my past? No…because I would lose my children if it were erased and they were the only thing that often kept me from killing myself. The fight of my journey, with the night terrors, broken relationships,irrational fears, and mistrust, make life difficult, but it also has given me a glimpse of what hell is like and how it is to dwell there with no end in sight.


    • Thank you, Anne, for sharing so openly your great pain and your experience in ministry as a chaplain—your pain being transformed.

      It is a source of joy and compassion for me to know that The Bible Through the Seasons and this blog is a forum for you to share. Know that I receive you, along with many others who in the silence were moved by what you wrote.

      I hope that what I offer each day can continue to help you discover the tapestry of grace that the Holy Spirit is weaving in your heart.


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