The One and the Many

Thursday, July 18, 2013
Hebrews 4

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Do we draw water, or does water draw us? Oceans, rivers, lakes, streams each invite us to come to the side, resting as we gaze upon the liquid body. Whether it is a mirror-like lake, or waves crashing upon soft sand, water calls to quiet and to rest.

My favorite lake is always the same, yet always different. Never does the same water fill this cup of earth. Before me is the age-long dilemma of “The One and the Many.”

The Letter to the Hebrews takes the same theme. The many attempts that there be rest after sin’s atonement are contrasted with the one, total sufficiency of the priest and king⎯Jesus.

Take verse 12. There is the one Word of God, the Greek, logos, and there are the particular moment-by-moment words and promises for you, the Greek, rhema. What is the rhema that God has for you today?

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Entering into Your rest v. 3
Your word piercing to the heart v. 12
Great high priest passed through heaven. v.14
Approaching the throne of grace v. 16
For more about this way to pray, see “Daily Bible Breaths” in Resources.

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