God Longs for a People Who Will Love

Saturday, August 10, 2013
Deuteronomy 19:14—21:9

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It will be difficult for you to read about the treatment of the inhabitants of cities that resist the entry of God’s people into the Promised Land. However, thank God for Jesus! When the resistance to God’s plan of salvation comes from the very center of Judaism—the chief priests, Scribes and Pharisees—then the outcome is reversed; they are rejected, and God’s beloved ones become those of any race or nation open to God’s movement in their hearts. Recall the parables of the Wedding Banquet and others that express this reversal.

The Old Testament presses against the New for fulfillment. However, one truth pervades both Testaments. God is looking for a people who will love him and follow God’s ways of love. Do not resist God’s plan.

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Bible Breaths
You, Lord God, going with me 20:4
Absolve Your redeemed people. 21:8
Doing right in sight of God 21:9
Law of love surpassing all

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