Counting on God Alone

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

1 Chronicles 21—23

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The Hebrew Scriptures have only three references to Satan by name; here is one of them. Apparently, David yielded to the temptation to rest on his laurels, numbering the men he could count on in battle. The focus for David shifted away from relying upon the Lord, to measuring strength in the number of men in his army.

The Chronicler’s purpose is to set the stage for the building of the Temple and the passing of the torch of this great work into the hands of Solomon. His name means “peaceable.” All those whose hands go into the building of the Temple need to be soaked in peace, and not in the blood of battle. The ultimate purpose of the people is to worship God; hence the list of those who contribute to worship and not to war.

Are you counting on God alone as the only one who can give you peace on every side?

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Bible Breaths
Discretion; understanding 22:12
“Be strong and of good courage.” 22:13
Peace from You on every side 22:18
Mind and heart seeking the Lord 22:19

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