The Everlasting Temple

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1 Chronicles 27—9

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King David in Prayer, by Pieter de Grebber (c. 1640)

We conclude the description of the tightly organized community around King David with the army’s twelve divisions, one for each month of service. We catch a glimpse into the economy of the kingdom in 27:25. Finally, as the architect of the Temple, David charges Solomon with the task of actually building it.

The prayer of David from 29:10 is acclaimed as one of the finest in the Old Testament. It is David’s way of saying what Jesus did from the cross: “It is finished!” The prayer flows from David’s serene and joyous heart at one with God. His task is over; the rest is in the hands of Solomon.

Jesus’ task on the cross is finished. But as the Temple yet to be built by Solomon, you are the one in whose hands is the task of continuing to build up the Body of Christ, the everlasting temple.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
In Your hand are pow’r and might 29:12
All things coming from You, Lord 29:14
O my God, You search my heart. 29:17
Your purpose kept in my heart 29:18

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This is the thirteenth and last week in Pentecost, Year C.
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