Waves of Comfort

Monday, September 23, 2013
Zechariah 1—2

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I will be a wall of fire around Jerusalem, says the Lord,
and I will be the glory within.
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The lack of concern of yesterday’s unjust steward is set beside the call of God’s people in today’s reading to rebuild the Temple. Destruction of Solomon’s Temple and exile had plummeted God’s people into despair. While they have returned to their homeland, discouragement still hovers as a dark cloud over the people, de-energizing them from rebuilding the Temple. “How can we build a temple as magnificent as Solomon’s?”

Zechariah, whose name means “Yahweh Remembers,” receives eight visions of comfort and energy from God to empower the people to rebuild the Temple, sign of God’s life among them. Today’s reading has the first three of these visions. Read them as waves of comfort God is sending your way to enable to you to rebuild your own life according to the plans of the temple of Christ’s body in which you live, move, and have your being.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Be the wall of fire around. 2:5
I am precious to You, Lord. 2:8
You are living within me. 2:10
You’re at work —I am quiet. 2:13

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This is the fourth of thirteen weeks in Kingdomtide, Year C.
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Mondays are dedicated to the Prophets,in this season the Minor Prophets.

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