Two Small Coins

Friday, September 27, 2013
Luke 21:1-19

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James Christensen “Widow’s Mite”

The cosmic image of the woman of yesterday is in marked contrast with the humble woman of today’s reading. We are in the Temple with Jesus and some disciples. Similar to the grand furnishings of the Temple described in Tuesday’s reading, proud Pharisees stand about in long robes. They form a border to the scene. An old woman enters, bent over, slowly making her way to the box that receives her offering of two small coins. Picture her, there in the center, in the spotlight of Jesus’ gaze; the Temple adornments and Pharisees are lost in the shadows.

Find comfort in the words about this remarkable, unnamed woman whom Jesus exalts. Quietly discover your brand of the two small coins and simply give them to the Lord. Empty yourself of everything, so that Jesus can fill you with everything.

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Bible Breaths
Your eyes are on me, O Lord. v. 1
Lord, I give you all I have. v. 2
Little with love being much. v. 3
All for Thee, sweet Jesus, all. v. 4

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