The Ark of Saving Grace

Saturday, October 5, 2013
Genesis 6:9—11:32

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The highest form of God’s creation, human life, becomes the lowest. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you a spiritual sense of the heart of God—the profound divine sadness at human corruption.

However, Noah and his family stand above the rest in perfection. Through him, the human family and all the species of the earth will be spared extinction. The ark is built, symbol of the boundaries of saving grace that would come through the body of Jesus and living in him.

Note the time references to this ancient disaster that came upon the earth. In the midst of all the chaos of water defying the boundaries of land, there are time boundaries and the absolute certainty that from the Genesis passages here, to the Revelation chapters of these Thursdays, the Lord is in charge.

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Bible Breaths
May I be blameless, O Lord. 6:9
You giving Your covenant 6:18
Send forth Your Spirit, O Lord. 8:1
The Dove of Peace has rested. 8:12

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