Total Freedom in the Spirit

Monday, October 7, 2013
Zechariah 5—6

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The Four Horses of the Apocalypse – Painting by American artist Sharlene Lindskog-Osorio

Three more visions awaken the spirit of prophecy in Zechariah, making eight in all. An immense scroll, fifteen by thirty feet, wafts thieves and perjurers away in something like a magic carpet. Wickedness flies away in a basket. Connecting with yesterday’s Gospel, this is the removal of the scandals, the traps set for God’s people. The image of the four chariots sweeping from the four directions continues images of movement and completeness, as God’s power envelopes the entire earth. The divine gifts of kingship and priesthood are now united in one crown for Joshua, a messianic figure.

What do these images do for you? Is there anything yet coming between you and the Lord Christ who wants nothing less than your total freedom in the Spirit?

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Bible Breaths
Take my sins away, O Lord. 5:3
May Your blessing be with us. 5:4
May Your Spirit cover us. 5:7
Protect us, Lord, from evil. 6:7

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