The Sounds of Heaven

Thursday, October 10, 2013
Revelation 14—15

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Water flowing swiftly across rocks in a river … sounds of surf splashing upon the sand … the voice of peace within erasing harsh accusations and judgments from within and without … Let your imagination transport you to a refreshing place in your life. That setting can be the means God uses so that you experience the peace that begins this chapter of Revelation. You will find a mark difference from the abrasive, horrific images of the previous chapters.

144,000—twelve groups of twelve thousand … Picture the vast assembly, just as the tribes gathered to listen to Moses’ final words in Deuteronomy. As the hours that radiate from a clock, there are four groups of three, from each direction, clustered about the Word. You are listening to the sounds of heaven; be revived.

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Bible Breaths
Following the Lamb where’ver v. 4
Worshipping the creator v. 7
Holding fast to faith in You v. 12
Blest are those who die in You. v. 13

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