The Stream from Jesus’ Side

Friday, October 11, 2013
Luke 22:1-23

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Detail of Stained glass window depicting Judas Iscariot
turning away from the Last Supper
Moulins Cathedral, France.

From the very depths of Jesus, comes the cry “Woe!” We heard it in last Sunday’s Gospel referring to those who are a scandal to God’s little ones. Here it refers to Judas. The word is used 106 times in the Bible—virtually the same word in Hebrew, Greek, and English, for the word itself is the sound of the soul groaning in grief. It also carries a call of warning, recalling the “Woes” in Luke’s “Sermon on the Plain” which offers a counterpoint to the Beatitudes (Luke 6:24-26).

Today we begin six Fridays of reading the Passion of Jesus. Contemplate the mysteries of the Lord’s suffering in the context of the rest of the week’s readings as this year of grace begins to end. Be with Jesus and the disciples. Place your life into the bread and cup of communion. The sacrament of Christ’s blood is the stream of grace flowing from his side.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Wishing to sup with you, Lord. v. 11
Longing for your Kingdom, Lord. v. 16
“This is My body for you.” v. 19
“I pour out My blood for you.” v. 20

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This is the sixth of thirteen weeks in Kingdomtide, Year C.
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We read the Gospel of Luke.

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