A Model Human Being

Saturday, October 12, 2013
Genesis 12—13

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Having completed a history of the earliest ages, the sacred writer of Genesis turns his attention to the father of all patriarchs, Abraham. Not only is he a prototype of Christ, but Abraham is the model of all who would come to believe in Jesus and leave all to follow him.

God offers a unique and blessed covenant to the human family through Abraham in a people chosen and blessed by God. Previews are laid out of the coming famine and slavery in Egypt and Exodus into the Promised Land, with all the clashes and strife that this movement would entail.

Sense the sweep from the “nobody” that Abraham was, to the greatness of what he came to be⎯all because he left the comfort of the familiar, and followed God into the empty space of the future. What “country” do you need to forsake to follow God’s plan in your life?

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Bible Breaths
Leaving to go to Your land 12:1
Calling on Your holy name 12:8
“No strife between you and me”13:8
My heart, an altar for You 13:18

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