Song for Spiritual Warfare

Wednesday,October 16, 2013
Psalm 144

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A song of joy wells up in the middle of the week. David rejoices to find his God Almighty, so close and protective of him. God is the one who trains his faithful for spiritual warfare and is the source of all victory.

Meditate on the lists that David uses: 1) Images of protection; 2) A summary of God’s power; 3) An inventory of the blessings that David has received. Read the lists slowly so that your creative imagination can bring the items from head to heart. Add to the list those particular ways you experience God’s protection and power, and the blessings that God showers upon you.

Will you let the Spirit inspire a new song in your heart and on your lips?


The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
Bless the Lord who is my rock. v. 1
We are like a breath of air. v. 4
Bend down the heavens and come. v. 5
Singing a new song to You. v. 9

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