Seven Bowls of Judgment

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Revelation 15—16

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“Great and marvelous are your deeds, Lord God Almighty…” Rev. 15:3
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Images from the Exodus are mixed into the seven bowls of judgment prepared for those committed to evil and blasphemy. The Song of Moses sung after the crossing of the Red Sea and the song at the end of his life recently sung on the Sabbath reading, keep the focus upon God’s ultimate triumph over all evil. There is simply no way that evil is going to be victorious; God’s love will triumph.

Do not be afraid of the images of the blood that flows in the plagues listed. Indeed, God’s love and victory over evil began on the cross where the sea of God’s own blood in Christ streamed down for the salvation of us all. The plagues of wrath will come to an end; God’s love will not.

What impressions does this reading make on you? Write them down, so you will remember.

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Bible Breaths
The blood of Jesus saving. vv. 3,4
Holy One who was and is. v. 5
You, O Lord, are true and just. v. 7
All glory is due you, Lord. v. 9

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