Commotion after Communion

Friday, October 18, 2013
Luke 22:24-46

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Jesus faces one of the Twelve about to betray him, another who will deny even knowing Jesus at all. Added to this, all of them argue with each other about who is the greatest among them. Betrayal, denial, and pride mix themselves together, playing themselves out among the most intimate of Jesus disciples.

Listen in upon the commotion at the Last Supper—this, just minutes after the Apostles had received Holy Communion for the very first time. Contemplate the scene with all its shifts of energy and focus—from communion to commotion, from fellowship to loneliness, from pure love to agony, from friendship to betrayal, from the One who sets others free to the One is arrested. Will you be awake for at least an hour, to the full Jesus who is praying in his Spirit within you right now?

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
The leader like a servant. v. 26
May I never deny you. v. 34
Protect me from temptation. v. 40
Not my will but Yours be done. v. 42

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