A Son for Sarah

Saturday, October 19, 2013
Genesis 18

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Having completed a history of the earliest ages, the sacred writer of Genesis turns his attention to the one who is called the father of all Jews, Muslims and Christians—Abraham. He is such a person of faith and trust in God, that he can be a model for everyone who would come to believe in Jesus and leave all to follow Jesus.

Three men mysteriously come before Abraham to announce the conception of Isaac. Many scholars interpret this as a manifestation of the Trinity, coming in the early chapters of the Bible. Isaac is another type of Jesus, miracle-child of Abraham and Sarah. He comes at a moment in the evening of the lives of this couple when their “sun” would be expected to set.

There is a charming quality about the story of the back-and-forth dialogue between God and Abraham about the catastrophe soon to come upon Sodom and Gomorrah. God’s desire is to save, not to destroy. Look at what a few good people in prayer could do to hold back the consequences of so much sin. However, as the disciples
in the garden with Jesus, there was no one to watch one hour with him. Be among those found faithful to
intercessory prayer.

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The Trinity before me v. 2
Resting with You by the tree v. 4
All wonderful in You, Lord v. 14
Saved by You because of Christ v. 32

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