The Gush of God’s Grace

Sunday, October 20, 2013
Luke 18:1-8

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Here is a parable with contrasts of energy—the lazy judge and the relentless widow, the care of God and the weak faith of God’s children. The widow has the persistence of a battering ram against the hard heart of the judge. Lack of faith blocks God’s people from receiving the current of God’s healing grace. Jesus said previously that the faith of a tiny mustard seed would be sufficient to hurl a mountain into the sea—certainly enough to move the heart of God already filled with love and tender care for God’s children.

What are the obstacles to your faith that prevent God’s grace from gushing into your soul? Recall the root meaning of the word, “usher.” It is about opening a way for God to move. Let the parable literally usher in a week of flowing communion between you and God.

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Bible Breaths
Praying and not losing heart v. 1
Crying to You day and night v. 7
The Lord granting me justice. v. 8
When you come, find me in faith. v. 8

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