The Lamb Alone

Friday, October 25, 2013
Luke 22:47-71

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El Greco The Repentant Peter c. 1600 Oil on canvas, 94 x 75 cm
Phillips Collection, Washington Visit the Web gallery of art.

We enter the scene of the betrayal and arrest of Jesus and the poignant denial of Peter. Jesus experiences the loneliness of being abandoned by his intimate friends. Only after the resurrection and the coming of the Spirit will Peter and the other disciples who had deserted Jesus surround the Lamb once again, as promised in the verse from yesterday’s reading. The blasphemies described in that reading are present on the lips of Jesus’ persecutors. What irony: after such atrocious behavior before the Lamb, Jesus’ persecutors accuse him of blasphemy!

Be present as a silent, faithful witness of Jesus sufferings. Feel every word and turn of events. Slow down the movement of Jesus’ suffering so that you can receive each one as so many drops of his blood filling your life-cup with the sacrament of his presence.

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Bible Breaths
Witnessing to knowing You. v. 57
O Lord, turn and look at me. v. 61
Heaping praises upon You. v. 65
Christ, you are the Son of God. v. 70

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We read the Gospel of Luke.

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