Grief in and for Jesus

Monday, October 28, 2013
Zechariah 11—12

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Arrogant shepherds appear at the beginning of the reading, boasting as the Pharisee in yesterday’s parable. Hear the Lord’s outrage against such ones.

We are reminded of the suffering of Jesus, as we encounter verses from this prophet that Matthew and John have on their hearts in their passion narratives (Matt 27:3 ff; John 19:37).

Listen for the sounds of mourning that rise up from the people as they grieve—sounds in harmony with the expression of sorrow of the Publican of yesterday’s Gospel. Chapter 12, verse 10 reminds us that the Holy Spirit stirs such groans as birth pangs of the new creature you will become when you are dead to self.

The Reading for Today
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Bible Breaths
My strength through the Lord of hosts. 12:5
Come, Spirit of Compassion. 12:10
Looking on the one I’ve pierced. 12:10
Comforting those in mourning 12:10ff

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