An Unholy Family

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2 Chronicles 21—24

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A most unholy family rules Judah—Jehoram, his son Ahaziah (also called Jehoahaz) and Jehoram’s wife, Athaliah. The utmost of brutal power and idolatry infect God’s people. The gushing forth of Jehoram’s intestines bears witness to the maxim: “As you live, so will you die.”

There are echoes in the protection of Moses and Jesus in their births as you read about the divine protection of Joash during the reign of the wicked Athaliah. He repairs the Temple and restores proper worship for God’s people. How sad to hear about how he ended his life, slipping into the apostasy that had driven its way into his life from previous generations!

Inspired by the verse for the day, pray that no similar intergenerational sin have any effect upon you.

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Bible Breaths
I’m called to live with justice. Ch 21
Being one with God’s people. 23:16
Restoring my soul for God 24:4
I will not forsake You, Lord. 24:20

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